Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle Review

Marcy Recumbent Mag CycleThe Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle is one of the least expensive options for someone looking to purchase a recumbent exercise bike but still offers many of the same benefits of its more expensive counterparts. Weighing only 66 lbs and measuring 55 inches wide and 40 inches high it is light weight, compact and even has built in wheels for easy transport.

Despite being compact and inexpensive, it offers the standard computer console which allows you to track the calories you’ve burned, the distance you’ve traveled, the speed you are going and the duration of your workout during your session. It also offers adjustable straps on the pedals which are counterbalanced to make them easier to use.

This recumbent exercise bike is ideal for anyone who wants a great recumbent bike at a reasonable price. The bike offers enough features to provide everything you need for your workout while remaining lightweight and compact so as to easily fit into any room.

Daniel Borden, the lead author on, said that this bike is the perfect option if you are looking for a recumbent bike but want something small and quiet. It is also a great idea if you are looking for something a little more stylish thanks to its powder-coated finish.

Because it is so easy to move from one place to another, it is also an excellent option for someone who isn’t entirely sure where they want to set up their bike permanently. You can put the bike together in one room and move it to another room without any hassle at all.


The Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle offers the same benefits offered by many of the other models on the market but at a much more affordable price. The stylish powder-coated finish and compact design make it fit perfectly into any room and the quiet operation means you can use it just about anywhere. This model offers a step through frame design which means mounting and dismounting is easy even.

This bike offers eight preset levels of tension so it is easy to find a workout level that will be comfortable for you regardless of your fitness level. This model features an adjustable seat so as to accommodate any body type which offers great benefits for just about anyone. The model is also exceptionally easy to install which is a great benefit it has over many of its contemporaries.


There are some disadvantages you should be aware of before deciding to purchase the bike. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of options in terms of resistance. Although eight preset levels are more than enough for most users, others may find it difficult to decide which preset is right for their needs.

Shorter individuals also might have difficulty using it although many will simply buy pedal extenders. Although it is an additional expense, the cost of the bike and the extenders is still much less that the cost of most other models offering the same features.


This is an excellent product at a great price. Shorter individuals or someone looking for more control over the tension level may find it better to go with another option.


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Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Stamina 1350 The Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Exercise Bike offers a great cardiovascular workout that, not only increases your metabolism, but does it in a way which is easy on your joints. The bike’s designed to keep you in a semi-reclined position working all the major muscles in your thighs, hips, and buttocks, while a large, easy-to-read, LCD monitor displays distance, time, speed, and calories burned keeping you motivated while you workout.

The dimensions for this bike are 50 inches long, by 24 inches wide, by 33.5 inches high, and its maximum suggested user-weight is 250 pounds. It has a one year frame warranty and a 90 day parts warranty.

With its smooth running, ultra quiet, motor, its relative light weight, and its ability to role for easy movement and storage, this recumbent bike is practically a must for any enthusiast, from those who merely desire to shed a few unwanted pounds, to those who workout for the sheer enjoyment of it. This bike’s fitted with oversized foot pedals, a comfortable, adjustable seat which will accommodate most sized riders, and upholstered, padded handrails.
A walk-threw design allows for safe and easy mounting and dismounting, and self-leveling stabilizer caps keep the machine surefooted and stable on any floor.


It features an adjustable, weighted flywheel resistance and belt drive train so pedaling is smooth at any difficultly level, while the tension knob allows you to fine-tune your workout to the desired intensity giving its rider an effective low-impact workout without the need for spending a lot of time and money in a gym. In addition, a built-in scan feature on the LCD display allows you to monitor of all your vitals, automatically cycling threw them one after another, without the need for repeatedly pushing buttons during your workout.


The disadvantages, although practically non-existent, seem to be associated more with a complicated set of assembly instructions and a challenging build than with the performance of the actual bike, itself. If you’re attempting to assemble this piece of equipment it is highly recommended that you both read and understand the instructions fully and that you familiarize yourself with each individual part and how it works in relation to the rest of the parts before you begin.


The rugged design, ample warranty, and reasonable price make this one fantastic machine. Its quiet motor, its light weight and convenient ability to be easily moved around the home, and the capability to increase or decrease your workout intensity at any time make this a practical alternative to larger, more expensive bikes.

Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Schwinn 240Schwinn 240 is a bit larger than many of the other models on the market measuring 46 inches high, 25 inches wide and 63 inches long, but it is still compact enough to sit in nearly any room. It weighs only 117 lbs and is able to support a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The LCD digital display offers all the information you need to keep track of your workout showing you time, interval time, calories, speed, resistance, pulse, watts and RPM. This model also offers a grip heart rate sensor, seventeen programs and sixteen resistance levels.

This bike is the ideal model for someone who is willing to pay a little extra for a high quality recumbent bike. This model focuses on the features you need to get the most out of your workout while foregoing the features the average user won’t use. This means you get the best bike for your needs without spending a lot on extra features you don’t need.

Its also a great fit for someone who is looking for a durable, high quality bike that is compact enough to fit into a room with limited space. This model is small yet sturdy enough to be truly durable. The frame is solid with a step through design for easy mounting and dismounting. You can even set this bike up in your living room to workout while you’re watching television.

best recumbent bikePros

It is quiet so you don’t have to worry about not being able to hear the program you’re watching. It is also lightweight with transport wheels so you can store it when you’re not using it. This model also offers seventeen programs that include target heart rate programs, two user profiles that allow custom workouts and eight course profiles. It also includes Schwinn Advantage workout tracking which allows you to set goals you want to achieve and track your progress toward achieving them.

This model offers an easy to view digital monitor that is multi colored and backlit so it is much easier to see than the display on many other models. The distance on the display also offers you the option of choosing miles or kilometers depending on your preference. The unit is also telemetry enabled so you have an additional option for monitoring your heart rate if you don’t like the grip censors. In addition to these options, the standard comfort convenience options are also included on this model such as a magazine rack and a water bottle holder.


Although many users enjoy this recumbent exercise bike, other users have reported that the bike seat can be extremely uncomfortable and cannot be adjusted. With the benefits the bike offers and the few disadvantages, this is still a great model, but you may want to consider investing in a gel seat.


Aside from an uncomfortable seat, this machine is an excellent option for anyone looking for a high quality recumbent exercise bike. Although it may be one of the more expensive options, it is well worth the money.

Stamina 4825 Exercise Bike

Stamina 4825The Stamina 4825 Recumbent bike has multiple seat positions that can fit a variety of users with different sizes and it can also accommodate a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds. The vinyl wrapped padded seat has ergonomic design for added comfort with integrated hand rails for added support while pedaling. Since this model can be used for low impact aerobic exercises, the Stamina 4825 is perfect for rehabilitative purposes particularly those with injuries. Heart rate pulse monitoring systems is also integrated in the handrails so there is no need for cables and wires to attach to your body in order to monitor your pulse rate.

Aside from comfort features and adjustable components, this model also comes with a convenient inTouch exercise performance monitor equipped with a sizeable LCD monitor and a one – button control.

The inTouch performance monitor shows six preset workout programs, individual user interactive target zone, and a pace guide. The workout programs provide speed targets that variably change all throughout the program.

The target zone display will indicate if you are pedaling too slow or too fast. Stamina 4825 Magnetic Recumbent bike has been designed for a smoother and quieter operation. This will allow you to enjoy music or watch television while you are working out allowing you to keep your focus on your fitness goals without being bored of your routine.

This also comes with a multifunctional interactive performance monitor that will allow you to keep track of your speed, traveled distance, calories burned, and workout time. When you set the performance monitor to scan mode, it will let you track your progress even without touching any buttons.

This model has been built with convenient walk – through design and oversized weighted bike pedals. This is also equipped with durable leveling stabilizer caps and constructed in commercial grade sturdy steel frame for added durability. There is one year manufacturer’s warranty on frame and ninety days on parts.

ProForm 385 CSX

ProForm 385 CSXThe ProForm 385 CSX is a digital magnetic resistance system powered recumbent exercise bike from Pro Form, a lesser known fitness company them some of the bikes reviewed here. It currently retails for between $299 and $499.

So has Pro Form 385 got what it takes to compete with the better known bikes? Lets find out!


This model features most of the features found on currently available recumbent exercise bikes including built in heart monitor and variety of workout programs. It also features a built in fan and a Ipod Port which are rarely seen features, especially at this price.

Users Reviews

This recumbent exercise bike has less user’s reviews than many of the other popular makes. Research on the web including Amazon found only 10 users reviews. More worrying its average score was only 2 out of 5 stars! So why did it score so low? The number one complaint was the poor quality build of the machine with key parts of the bike such as the pedal assembly failing in under 2 months. The machine only ships with a 90 day warranty so this is very worrying. The other complaint was the unreliable program calculator which appeared over generous in is calculations.

To be fair some users were very happy with the bike and found it offered a good level of resistance on offer for beginners or intermediate exerciser.


Because of the low number of reviews for ProForm 385 CSX, many of which were negative we are unable to recommend purchasing this bike. A number of reviews mentioned faulty parts. These may just be a few unlucky, isolated incidents however when combined with the short time period warranty it may be a risk to purchase this machine. For a similar price the The Schwinn 240 may be a better option. Click here to go to and see many more exercise machine reviews.

Stamina 15-0200

Stamina 15-0200The Stamina 15-0200 is unique among the recumbent exercise bikes we have researched as it is a folding recumbent bike. As such it may be an ideal choice for people looking for all the benefits of a recumbent exercise bike but do not have the room for some of the other models which can take up quite a bit of space. It is a relatively cheap option for a recumbent exercise bike retailing at around $150 – $250 mark. Click here to check the price of the newer model Stamina 4825 or read on to see if its folding design choice had any disadvantages.


Obviously this recumbent bike’s unique feature is its folding option as detailed above. It also features a semi recumbent design so if you are looking for a fully recumbent exercise bike to maximize impact on your knees or back this might not be for you.

Its other key features are:

  • Unique Folding design
  • Sturdy steel frame with Cushioned seat and seat back and slide-resistant footpads
  • Multifunction LCD monitor
  • Adjustable resistance system to vary workout difficulty
  • Adjustable seat fits various user heights
  • Measures 42 x 41 x 25 inches (W x H x D)
  • Max user weight of 250 lbs
  • Semi recumbent design

User Reviews

This bike currently has over 140 user reviews on Amazon with an average star rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Clearly there is a lot of satisfied users of this model. A review of all the feedback shows the majority of users loved the ability to fold the machine up and put it away after use and didn’t think this design impacted on the quality or stability of the machine. The wheels on the base also meant it could easily be pushed around once folded away- making it easy to transport. Buyers also commented on how quiet the machine operation was.

Also, there were a few negative points raised by users that potential users should be aware of including reports that taller persons may find it cramped to use and the seat is less comfortable than some other models. It also needs to be highlighted that some of the older reviews have talked about missing parts or damaged components in the bikes shipped to them but this is not mentioned in the newer reviews so this issue it seems to have been rectified


The vast majority of buyers found the it to be a well built, study machine that was great value for money and an ideal choice for users looking for the all the benefits of a recumbent exercise bike with the space saving benefits its unique folding design offered. However it does not provide the level of resistance of some other machines so may not be suitable for the more experienced user. Nevertheless we have no hesitation in recommending it for those looking for an alternative to bulky standard recumbent exercise bikes or looking a great value beginners model.

We hope this review was useful for you. If you want any more information on this exercise bike please click here to read all recumbent bike reviews and check out the latest price.