ProForm 385 CSX

ProForm 385 CSXThe ProForm 385 CSX is a digital magnetic resistance system powered recumbent exercise bike from Pro Form, a lesser known fitness company them some of the bikes reviewed here. It currently retails for between $299 and $499.

So has Pro Form 385 got what it takes to compete with the better known bikes? Lets find out!


This model features most of the features found on currently available recumbent exercise bikes including built in heart monitor and variety of workout programs. It also features a built in fan and a Ipod Port which are rarely seen features, especially at this price.

Users Reviews

This recumbent exercise bike has less user’s reviews than many of the other popular makes. Research on the web including Amazon found only 10 users reviews. More worrying its average score was only 2 out of 5 stars! So why did it score so low? The number one complaint was the poor quality build of the machine with key parts of the bike such as the pedal assembly failing in under 2 months. The machine only ships with a 90 day warranty so this is very worrying. The other complaint was the unreliable program calculator which appeared over generous in is calculations.

To be fair some users were very happy with the bike and found it offered a good level of resistance on offer for beginners or intermediate exerciser.


Because of the low number of reviews for ProForm 385 CSX, many of which were negative we are unable to recommend purchasing this bike. A number of reviews mentioned faulty parts. These may just be a few unlucky, isolated incidents however when combined with the short time period warranty it may be a risk to purchase this machine. For a similar price the The Schwinn 240 may be a better option. Click here to go to and see many more exercise machine reviews.